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Testimonials - It's What You Say... That Counts


Vergie in Indiana
I coated my seed calibrators with graphite to smooth the flow and I like it so much that I promote the use of Wilmar Graphite’s graphite powders due to their fine grind and flow characteristics.

Marty in Kentucky
I introduced the 80-20 graphite talc as a replacement for the poor performing straight talc which can ball up when being applied in the newer seed planters when moister is present. The 80-20 graphite talc is a good addition to my graphite powder business for the older planters.

John in New York State
I coat my gravity boxes with Slide Coat to provide smooth flow when harvesting corn in the fall.


Jim in Minnesota
I supply modified Slide Coat aerosols for use with wands to lubricate the railroad switches in the local yards. The heavy duty aerosols have replaced hand painting of the switches.

Tom in Ohio
I first tested Slide Coat in January of 2010 on my local trailers and now I am using it on all my trailers across the country. I like to use the heavy duty aerosols, because it makes coating everything easier.

John in Pennsylvania
I switched back to Slide Coat three years ago after the management here where I work tested a cheaper graphite coating with very poor results. I now buy in large quantities twice a year to save on shipping costs.


Brian in Massachusetts
I coat my mobile shredders with graphite all the way from the inlet to outlet chutes and the paper goes through the entire system with ease.

Charles in Texas
I spray my cutters with Slide Coat aerosols to improve the flow and reduce hang-ups. Now I have expanded to coating my feed and outlet chutes also.

Michael in Colorado
I supply Slide Coat aerosols to the state DOT for use on their snow plows, blowers and salt spreaders. It works great.


George in Pennsylvania
I tested Clean Deck graphite for many months before perfecting my operation. I wash my deck after cutting to remove the grass sap and that has eliminated the end of the year cleaning.

George in Kentucky
I was able to greatly reduce the time it took for my department to clean all of our mower decks after cutting the town cemetery. I have now bought some Clean Deck for my home mower.

Mike in South Carolina
I found that my commercial operation could go 12 days before having to touch-up with Clean Deck after one aerosol coat.

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