High Performance Graphite Lubricants for Every Industry



• Gravity Boxes
• Seed Planters and Hoppers
• Dry Fertilizer Spreaders
• Silo Augers
• Chutes & Shafts
• Truck Beds
• Wagon Beds
• Dump Bins
• Rice Planters
• Corn Picker Heads
• Bean Combines
• Conveyor Chains
• etc.


• Height Beams and Pull Out Ramps on Car Carrier Trailers
• Railroad Switches
• Warehouse Distribution Chutes
• Trailer Extensions
• Boat Trailer Winches and Jacks
• Forklift Truck Forks plus Extensions
• Garbage Bin Truck Rails
• and many more.

Metal Industry

• Aluminum Billet Extrusion
• Aluminum Anode Stem Coating for Smelting
• Hot Metal Molds
• Aluminum Extrusion Guides
• Hot Iron Slide Gates
• Crane Rails
• Electrical Conductors
• Collector Shoes
• Rails Extractor Fans
• Bag Houses

Service Applications

• Input and Outlet Chutes for Cutting Heads of Mobile and Stationary Paper Shredders
• Truck Beds of Mobile Paper Shredders
• Recycling Bins for Plastic
• Utility Truck Stabilizer Legs and Outriggers
• Crane Booms
• Wood Chip Truck Beds
• Wood Chipper Deflectors and Chutes
• Snow Plows
• Salt Spreaders
• Garbage Bins
• Asphalt Pavers
• many more.

Wilmar Graphite Lubricants Will Save You Money

Reduce wear with lower friction cutting energy costs, extending equipment life and saving maintenance costs with our Graphite Lubricants.

Slide Coat No.1 Graphite, where graphite and heavy duty coating expertise come together to produce a dry slippery graphite coating that performs to an outstanding level. These coatings contain high purity, finely ground graphite combined with a unique strong binder system for a smooth long lasting coating that reduces rust and corrosion and can be applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete and most other surfaces. These coatings are used in Agriculture, Transportation, Metal Industries and Services. Slide Coat is a natural alternative to oil and grease and will not chip, strip, freeze, attract dirt or wash off and can be painted on by brush, industrial spray or by using our heavy duty aerosol.

Graphite and graphite powder are valued in industrial applications for its self-lubricating and dry lubricating properties. An effect called superlubricity account for graphite's lubricating properties.

Wilmar Graphite High Performance Lubricants can be applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete or most other surfaces to provide a dry slippery surface that will not run, freeze, attract dirt, wash off and retards rust. Replaces grease eliminating re greasing and constant cleaning. Our high performance graphite lubricants bond tightly to the substrate for long life, have a smooth finish to prevent chipping and in high pressure wear points will burnish in for longer lubrication.

Our family of graphic products -
Slide Coat1Clean DeckHigh Purity Graphite Powders
utilize high purity natural graphite mined from the earth allowing us to be both green and reduce users energy costs.

Whether you are looking to Reduce Your Costs or be Green or Both...
Wilmar Graphite has a product for you -

SLIDE COAT 1 and High Purity Graphite Powders for Industrial, Commercial & Agricultural Applications

Residential, Commericial and Home Improvement use CLEAN DECK .

Great Deal Order - Factory Direct Great Deal

Which product is right for you? Now you can order direct from the factory and save. All Wilmar Graphite’s High Performance Graphite Lubricants are delivered right to your door. Be it a case, pail, bucket or 55 gallon drum, look for the  Order Now Button  button and you will be taken to our Order Page.

"Best - In - Class"

Wilmar Graphite complements its "Best - In - Class" products with a comprehensive customer support program that ensures on time deliveries, in depth technical support across a wide range of applications and technologies. Our production is strictly controlled.

Customer Service

Wilmar Graphite is committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. This is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after another. Don't just take our word for it, be sure to read through our customer testimonials and you'll see why we are the best in the business!

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Made in the USA American Flag

Environmentally Friendly

Gravity Boxes • Corn Pickers • Seed Planters • Conveyor Chains • Chutes & Shafts • Bean Combines • Fertilizer Spreaders • Wagon Beds • Dump Bins • Wood Chippers • Rice Planters • Grass Cutters • and more... read more

Caring for the Environment

Made in the USA American Flag

Our Graphite products are natural in nature, use minimal energy for production, and have always been environmentally friendly.

When compared to grease lubricants which must be constantly replenished and impact the environment adversely, Wilmar Graphite Lubricants are the only choice.

We have an obligation to see to it that all of the earth is cared for. This means that we must make sure we respect the earth and all that it contains. The way that we live involves interacting with our environment and it's resources.

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